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06/03/2023 Comments Off

O que são os Anúncios Google? Os Anúncios Google (ou Google Ads, anteriormente designados Google Adwords) são o conjunto de soluções de publicidade do Google, incluindo várias plataformas, parcerias e aplicações.  Continuam a

06/02/2023 Comments Off

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated". This Mark Twain quote could be applied to Facebook. If we take into account the whirlwind of negative news related to Facebook in recent years, it would be fair to wonder if

02/01/2023 Comments Off

Surely you have already read and heard that social networks must be a mandatory presence in a business. We agree. The question is not “if”, but “how”. It is important to bear in mind that,

15/11/2018 Comments Off

Many companies, rightly so, delegate the creation of their Website or Online Store to professionals. Unfortunately, many of these professionals are limited to designing the site, not worrying about its´ marketing.

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