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05/10/2023 Comments Off

Agora nada. Feche a sua empresa e comece um novo negócio! Cada vez mais nos chegam empresas a quem isto aconteceu. Perderam tudo o que tinham no PC ou no Smartphone e tiveram

03/10/2022 Comments Off

It may not be the oldest profession in the world, but it shouldn't be far off. Today we are going to talk about fraud, or more precisely phishing, which has an apparent air of greater sophistication.

29/03/2018 Comments Off

Following up the recent scandal of companies that misuse the data of Facebook users, privacy is again being discussed. But pointing the finger at Facebook is not only wrong but

25/01/2018 Comments Off

The security of computer systems (which, in addition to computers, include smartphones, tablets and other equipment with Internet access) involves constant and proactive care since, even without realizing it,

18/01/2018 Comments Off

Throughout 2017, the world witnessed the biggest ever ransomware "virus" attacks. We present here the answers to the most frequently asked questions. What is a Ransomware Virus? this type of virus

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