The Essentials of Digital Marketing

The Essentials of Digital Marketing

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What is it?

Given the immensity of subjects it addresses, it may happen that the reader feels like a nutshell adrift in the ocean of Digital Marketing. Let's start at the beginning. Digital Marketing can be understood as the effort to promote a brand, establishing an interaction with potential customers with the aim of increasing not only sales, but also connection/loyalty. Digital because it is based on the Internet and other forms of digital communication.



Digital Marketing makes use of several tools to achieve its purposes, namely:

  • Website / Online Store Creation
  • Creation of Mailing List / Newsletter
  • Content optimization (text and image, in order to improve ranking in search engines)
  • Creating Ads (example: Google and Facebook)
  • Presence on various platforms/social networks, in order to increase brand reach and awareness



As a complement to “traditional” marketing, Digital Marketing has some advantages:

  • Define target audience in great detail
  • Collecting a lot of statistical information
  • Possibility of creating automatic mechanisms with the data and leads obtained (remarketing)
  • Reach a virtually unlimited audience
  • Easier reach of potential and actual customers
  • Direct communication, building relationships more easily
  • lower costs
  • Easier to implement changes


 4 Types of Digital Marketing

There are other typologies to consider, we present here some relevant aspects.

1) Content Marketing (Content Marketing)

Content is king in the world of Digital Marketing, because it is the raw material for the alchemy of search engines, such as Google or Bing. These research and evaluate the content. Search engines favor content that they find appealing, relevant and frequently updated. For this reason, a site that does not receive new content is being relegated by Google, losing strength in the fight for presence on the first pages. In order to improve rankings in search engines, content marketing performs several tasks. Among them we can list the creation of educational texts (for example, on a blog page within the site), working with search expressions (keywords) and enriching image descriptions.


2) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO work can be undertaken on-site (on-site) or off-site (off-site). These two aspects are related to efforts to be made in relation to search engines, with the aim of improving rankings. On-site SEO is related to content optimization and the HTML structure of the site. On the other hand, Off-site SEO involves off-site activities like the work of getting backlinks. Backlinks are links on a website that point to another. These are an important factor as they contribute to improving Page Rank authority, an important factor for search engines. Essentially, if reference sites in one sector validate another as being reliable and relevant, search engines will take that into account.


3) Social Media Marketing: Paid and Organic

Social Media Marketing can take two forms: paid (paid) and organic (organic).

Paid Marketing

Related to ads, either on social networks or search engines. It may aim to start by improving brand awareness and making its products and services known, bringing the potential customer to the initial stages of the sales funnel, later launching ads more focused on conversion.

Organic marketing (unpaid)

It concerns free content published by the brand, which is later shared by users on their Pages or profiles (photos, Posts, Stories, etc.). The brand “speaks” directly to followers/potential customers, creating useful and/or educational content, thus cementing its relationship with the audience.


4) SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

In this regard, ads are placed on Google or Bing, appearing as results associated with any user search. These advertisements are always the first search results, placed at the top of the page, and have the designation "Ad" specified before the content.


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