Our Solutions

WebSites creation

Creation of websites through modular development on the Open Source WordPress platform.

WebShops Creation

Creation of online stores through modular development on the Open Source PrestaShop platform.

Web Hosting

Domain Registration and Professional Web Hosting for Websites, Web Applications and Email.

Cloud Backups

Real-time backup copies of your PCs, Smartphones, Website and Emails.

Digital Marketing

Creation and implementation of digital marketing strategies. Email marketing, social media management, online advertisement management, etc.

Graphic Design

Professional, modern and affordable Graphic Design of logos, stationary, social networks, etc.

Technical Support

For those times when you need computer support or custom programming for specific needs!

Other Services

If you need any other Web services, talk to us!

Why choose iFlexi?

We are experienced and competent professionals, focused on the client

Focus in the Customer

Our solutions are tailored to the Client´s needs. No one should pay for what they don't need!

Team with 20 Years of Experience

The iFlexi team has been developing web projects for over 20 years to +1,000 clients in 16 countries.

Personal Relationship

Each Client is unique. We know each one and every single Client has an iFlexi consultant who personally accompanies their project.

Awarded Projects

The iFlexi team has already created Projects that were recognized in 6 Web and Multimedia Awards in Portugal. We know what we do!

Included Tech Support

In iFlexi, no Customer is left alone. We are there for you, step by step, from the day you migrate from another supplier, to project development and after-sales support.

Excellent Quality

Showing 99.99% uptime on Cloud services, we work 24 hours a day to guarantee the best possible service to our customers!

Client Freedom and Autonomy

With iFlexi, no customer is a hostage. The Client is the owner of his data, his Site and his Software. There are no loyalty clauses and he/she has the autonomy to fully manage his/her service.

Affordable Pricing

We believe that Small Businesses should have access to low cost advanced and modern solutions, and we are proud to have the most competitive services on the market!


What do Our Clients say?

We chose iFlexi for its professionalism, innovation and accuracy. Then, we appreciated its ethics, integrity and honesty. Beside all these factors, there's also a good quality/price relation. CONGRATULATIONS

  • Execllent!!

iFlexi created our website, putting in all their effort, and the contact between us was easy, they have employees with great sense of responsibility. We are very pleased with the work, and we'll continue to count on them for many years.

iFlexi presented us with the simple and easy to implement solutions we needed for our company's websites. It's good to have a partner that understands our needs.

With great professionalism and accuracy, iFlexi created our website, which allows our company to be visited at the exact moment any visitor so wishes. With this website, our company and the products we sell are at the distance of a simple click, therefore, reaching our goals.

Trustworthy company and very responsible people. I recommend.

iFlexi created a website for our company that, in addition to versatile, functional and appealing, allowed us to be found with much higher frequency by our potential clients, contributing in a significative way to our growth.

The success of a project is only achieved with three things: focus, commitment and the right partners. In our Online project we keep iFlexi as the right partner. Dedication, availability, friendliness, price/quality ratio, are adjectives that characterize them perfectly. We certainly recommend.

The IFLEXI company stands out for its seriousness, competence and speed in resolving the proposals presented by its customers. In my personal case, I am delighted to have been one of IFLEXI's customers for over 10 years. I seriously recommend. Professional and competent.

Professionals always available to clarify all doubts and overcome any obstacle. I've been a customer for a few years now and this is, without a doubt, the best recommendation I can make.

iFlexi was the first and only one in the creation of my E-commerce website, until today, without any complaints, always helpful in helping, whenever I need, they explain well the entire operation or process to solve a specific problem/doubt. I can only heartily recommend it. Thanks to the entire team for their professionalism.

They provided all the support, suggestions and recommendations I needed to run my website. Thanks.

iFlexi proved to be the perfect choice for the website of the theater company Loucomotiva, in Taveiro, in the municipality of Coimbra. With reliability, speed and ease of use clearly above average, it has proved to be an extremely important interface in connecting the group with the electronic world, facilitating our reaching new audiences, demonstrating enormous potential in the dissemination of our work and creating a perfect and comfortable solution for something that proved to be completely innovative: making online reservations for the company's shows. With iFlexi, we found the perfect partner.

Our story with iFlexi started a few years ago. At the time, we were looking for a solution for a simple online store, easy to implement and without the fixed costs of most platforms that charge monthly fees or a percentage of sales. We had a very assertive response and with the help of iFlexi we have already implemented several projects. You don't need to have very in-depth knowledge to be able to create your store and maintain it. Nor will you have significant costs in your operation if you have the right partner and I am sure that iFlexi is the solution you are looking for.

I am a very satisfied iFlexi customer! In addition to having had all the support and help in creating my website, whenever an extra question arises or the need to make any changes, iFlexi support is super swift and helpful! Super quick to respond to any question! I strongly recommend!

Excellent experience! We migrated our online store with iFlexi. We worked with Edgar Rosa who was always impeccable, professional and proactive. The process was time consuming on our side as we had several challenges with opening the company and contracting online payment services, but Edgar and the team were always available, executing and giving technical tips to simplify the process and leave with a good result . It was a complex process as we migrated from another supplier with a very different language and we love iFlexi's dedication and support. Super recommendable. I would choose them again!


Personalized Support from Start to Finish



Customer need analysis



Planning the best suitable solution



Solution technical implementation



After-sales technical support


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