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The iFlexi team specializes in Information Technology solutions since 2002, specifically in the development of Internet sites, Web applications, e-commerce, e-Learning, etc., with hundreds of clients in all sectors of activity, in Portugal and 15 other countries.

We have our own technical structure of Cloud servers, which allows us to provide a complete service to our customers, from software development to placing and maintaining it online, thus providing greater assurance of reliability, security, high performance and reduction of costs. costs.

iFlexi works exclusively online, that is, our services are provided online and our support is provided by email, telephone, video call and chat. In this way, we are able to respond more quickly to all customers, while reducing operating costs, savings that are reflected in lower costs for customers.

In most of the services we provide, we promote customer autonomy, that is, whenever possible, tools are always available to customers that allow them to use and maintain the services autonomously, without the need to resort to our technicians. In case we are requested to do so, we provide support and maintenance services, but these are exceptional situations.

Finally, the product of all the projects we develop is fully delivered to customers (source code, graphic creation files, etc.). We want customers to work with us because of the advantages they find in our service, and not because they are hostages to who controls their files.








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Edgar Rosa

Why choose iFlexi?

🏆 Projects recognized in 6 Web and Multimedia Awards

🙂 20 years of experience in Web and Cloud services

🌐 Customers in all business areas

🧩 Integrated Web and digital marketing services

🔋 Availability greater than 99.99% on Cloud services

👍 Excellent quality at the best price

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