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1. What is SEO and what is it worth for? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of developing organic (not paid, as opposed to an advertisement) traffic from a

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Want to create an Online Store and don't know where to start? These are some of the aspects to take into account when launching an Online Store. Fasten your seat belt and come on!  

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With the rise in popularity of e-commerce, many companies, small and large, are starting to experiment with selling their products online, either as a core business or as a complement to

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Many companies, rightly so, delegate the creation of their Website or Online Store to professionals. Unfortunately, many of these professionals are limited to designing the site, not worrying about its´ marketing.

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One of the factors that any online store has to take into account is, of course, the means of payment it makes available to its customers. Other than the products themselves, prices and

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