12 Free Tools for Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

12 Free Tools for Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

01/08/2023 iFlexi.com Comments Off

There is a whole world to explore in terms of tools, applications and resources in Digital Marketing and Social Media management. Free versions are limited, but eventually enough for users who are starting their businesses. Do you want to know some of these solutions? Buckle up and follow us! 😊


1) MailChimp

It is an automation platform for sending emails, for example, your newsletter.

2) Buffer

Allows you to manage your social media accounts in an integrated way, for example, schedule, publish and monitor the performance of your content.

3) Bit.ly

Bit.ly is a URL shortener, very useful for reducing huge and unsightly links to a few characters.

4) Canva

This design tool allows you to create images and videos for Social Media with standard publication formats and various customization possibilities.

5) Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash

In terms of photographs, there are several image banks with free material, so you can enrich your content on social networks, website or newsletters.


It is a tool dedicated to traffic analysis and growth, as well as website optimization. Includes a free backlink analysis tool.

7) Coschedule

Provides a calendar for your marketing actions.

8) Be Funky

This very easy to use software allows you to create, edit and make photo collages.

9) Google Trends

This tool allows you to identify trends, showing the frequency of a given search expression, within a specific time horizon.

10) Google Search Console

Search Console helps you monitor, maintain, and diagnose your website's performance on Google searches

11) Google Analytics

It is a platform that collects data and creates reports on visits to its websites and applications.

12) Hotjar

It analyzes customer behavior data so you can better understand them.


There are numerous options, both free and at different price points, available to help you.

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