You lost everything you had on your PC. And now?

You lost everything you had on your PC. And now?

05/10/2023 iFlexi.com Comments Off

Now, Nothing. Close your company and start a new business!

More and more companies come to us to whom this has happened. They lost everything they had on their PC or smartphone and had to close doors. It's just that after losing everything there's nothing to do 🙁


How? There are 1001 ways to lose everything

– Malfunction of computers and/or smartphones
– Accidental deletion of files
– Theft or loss of equipment
– Floods and Fires
– Computer attacks, viruses
– And the famous ransomware (in which attackers encrypt files and charge a ransom that, even paid, usually does not release the files)


And what happens to companies that suffer computer attacks?

If they are companies like Vodafone, Grupo Impresa, Hospitals or the State, they lose millions of euros, as has increasingly happened in recent years.

If they are Small and Medium-sized Companies, they lose everything and go bankrupt.

And the absurdity is that thousands of companies and independent professionals run the ridiculous risk of losing their entire digital professional lives when the solution is immediate, simple and economical: Cloud Security Backups!


How do Cloud Security Backups work?

With a Cloud Security Backup system, your PC or Smartphone is permanently connected to a storage space on the Internet (your “Cloud”). Whenever you create a new file, or whenever you modify a file, your PC synchronizes with your Internet storage space and stores the file securely there.

All of this is configured in minutes and your PC starts making these backups automatically without you even having to think about it.


Why are Security Backups the solution to not losing everything?

It is impossible to predict or prevent everything that could happen to your PC. It could slip off your table and fall to pieces on the floor, your PC backpack could be stolen in a cafe, you could accidentally click on a link with a virus and lose all your files.

At these times, just take a new/clean PC and download all your files from the Cloud. You don't waste anything other than 1h or 2h of your life looking at the screen while the PC downloads the files.


Bonus advantage of having files in the Cloud

Have you ever been away from the office or on vacation and needed to consult or send a file on your PC to a colleague? With a Cloud Backup system, in addition to security, you also gain the flexibility of having access to all the files on your PC on your smartphone or any PC with Internet access. In other words, you can go to any computer and, safely, access the same files you have on your PC and download them or send them to whoever you want.


This must be expensive...

Um… No. Not at all. Depending on the disk space you need, the guarantees you are looking for, the type of support you can have, there are solutions ranging from more basic to more complete solutions. Now, to assess whether it is expensive, you have to decide whether, for example, paying €1 per week is too expensive for your company not to close…


Comparison of the most popular solutions on the market + the iFlexi Cloud solution

In short, if you need a lot, a lot of space, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive are the services for you. But you have to be a computer expert, as you will have to reorganize the entire file structure of your computer without losing anything. And you have to do this without any technical support. Oh, and only if you are the only employee in your company.

But if 50 GB is enough for you (and our experience tells us that it is enough for most customers), then iFlexi Cloud is the most economical service for you, the one that allows you to start making backups of any folder in 5 minutes. from your PC and the only one where you can pick up a phone and speak in Portuguese (or in English) to someone who will actually help.

What if the 50 GB aren't enough? Talk to us without obligation, we will help you analyze how much space you need and we will give you our best price for the space needed.


Are you still there?

Why are you still reading this article instead of ensuring that you have Security Backups of your entire digital life? With every minute that passes, the probability of losing everything increases. Talk to us now and start sleeping restfully 🙂

Here: https://www.iflexi.pt/cloud/

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