OpenSite VIP

 799,00 + IVA

Custom creation service of a WordPress website. Trust the iFlexi designers and programmers the creation of your new WebSite. You’ll have the guarantee to have a modern, well structured and appealing WebSite. In addition to being able to dedicate yourself to your business while we take care of everything for you.


By subscribing to this plan, you are contracting a service of Installation and Customization of a WordPress website with the following features:

  • Cost (+ taxes): € 799
  • Configuration and Customization of the WebSite and Content insertion: iFlexi Team
  • Custom WordPress Installation
  • Available Graphic Themes: + 1.000 (the iFlexi team will search, suggest and, if approved, acquire the most suitable theme for your business; see Demo WebSites)
  • iFlexi Team: Customization of the website’s design, based on a premium graphic theme 1, in terms of colors and images corresponding to the company’s brand / logo, within the limitations of the graphic theme
  • iFlexi Team: Multi-language support configuration (doesn’t include translations)
  • iFlexi Team: Configuration of the website’s areas and insertion of the website’s initial content (up to 20 pages e 40 images; for more complex websites, ask for a quote). The Client, afterwards, has total freedom to easily create, change or remove the website’s areas or content.


This service does not include the website’s hosting. For that, you need to subscribe to an external webhosting service or to an iFlexi webhosting plan which you can find HERE.


1 Graphic theme to be acquired by iFlexi, up to a maximum cost of € 80


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