Tek Ransomware

 69,00 + IVA

One-time technical intervention service performed online focused on th execution of prevention and cumputer security measures (specifically, anti-ransomware measures) and configuration of Security Data Backups in the Cloud.

In May and June of 2017, hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals all around the world were infected with the biggest ransomware “viruses” ever, making companies stop working, losing years of work and data and making some companies even go out of business, such was the dimension of the damages. And these were only 2 of the thousands of viruses and ransomware that circulate on the Internet and that every year infect thousands of companies. If your computers were not infected yet, be sure that it’s only a matter of time before they do, and that can happen as soon as tomorrow.

Disasters happen (computer attacks, ransomware, malware, viruses, malfunctions, etc), it’s a reality. What doesn’t need to be a reality is to be vulnerable and facilitate and increase the reach of those disasters. Protect yourself today, because tomorrow my be too late!


By contracting this service, you are contracting a one-time intervention, to be performed online, focused on the execution of the following prevention and computer security measures.

  • One-time cost (+ taxes): € 69
  • Intervention Method: Remote Online Support + Phone 1
  • Analysis and update of systems and programs
  • Installation and configuration of anti-virus and firewall programs
  • Installation of anti-ransomware software
  • Configuration of 1 Cloud backup system (requires the client to have previously activated an account in one of the following services: iFlexi Cloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox)
  • Free offer and configuration of 10 GB of Cloud Backup Space (1 year of the iFlexi Cloud Box service, an offer € 49 worth)
  • Review of security settings in e-mails and Facebook accounts
  • One-time intervention of an estimated 2h, for a maximum of 1 PC + 1 Android Smartphone/Tablet
  • Limited to Windows and Android systems
  • Although it’s impossible to guarantee that a system is 100% secure, this service increases the systems’ protection in a preventive and pro-active way, thus reducing both the probability and the reach of the damages caused by eventual attacks to the system.
  • This is a preventive service, it’s not oriented for situations in which the attack already occurred. If your computer/smartphone suffered an attack and you need help, instead of contracting this service talk to us directly to evaluate the situation and offer you the best solution.



1 The service is provided simultaneously by remote access to the client’s equipment and by phone. Therefore, the client must assure that, at the scheduled time: the equipment is available with administration access, with Internet access and with the possibility to install the Teamviewer (www.teamviewer.com) remote control application; has a landline phone (next to the computer) where to receive the phone call or, as an alternative, has the possibility to place a call to a mobile phone number to be provided by iFlexi; is available to keep the phone call and his/her presence next to the computer through the whole intervention period.
2 It’s only possible to guarantee all intervention actions in systems with the latest Windows and Android versions. In other versions, actions compatible with those systems will be taken.


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