Socialize Be a Star

 199,00 + IVA

Monthly Service of Social Networks’ Management, Google Ads and E-mail Marketing.

Nowadays, a company that doesn’t promote itself online doesn’t exist. Do you have the know-how and the daily availability to do it? If not, count on our specialists!

Please Note: By choosing a quantity, you are establishing the number of months you are contracting this service for. Later on, at any given time, you can extend the contract's period.


By subscribing to this plan, you are contracting 1 month of the Digital Marketing service with the following characteristics:

  • Monthly Cost (+ taxes): € 199
  • Configuration/Optimization of the Company’s Facebook Page 1
  • Publication of daily posts on Facebook 7 days/week
  • Expanding of the fanbase and interaction with the target audience on Facebook
  • Creation of ads, promotions and events on Facebook 2
  • Creation and management of a Google Adwords’ ad 3
  • Integration of SEO tools in the Client’s WebSite 4
  • Integration of Google Analytics in the Client’s WebSite 4
  • Integration of e-Newsletters Subscription in the Client’s WebSite 4
  • Provision of standard Landing Pages for integration with Google and Facebook ads
  • Configuring and sending a monthly e-Newsletter (included up to 2.000 subscribers)
  • Monthly Reports
  • Support by Phone / E-mail / Chat
  • No Commitment Period


The 1st month is dedicated to the planning and base configuration of the digital marketing strategy.

1 Includes 1 Facebook page. Multiple pages or other social networks (Twitter, YouTube, etc) available on quotation.
2 Ads’ cost not included. Minimum suggested investment and estimated reach: € 50 + taxes = up to 45.000 people
3 Ads’ cost not included. Minimum suggested investment: € 50 + taxes
4 Included for WordPress WebSites or PrestaShop online shops. For other WebSites, intervention is subject to quotation.


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