Cloud Briefcase 2GB

 29,00 + IVA

Files hosting in the Cloud service.

How much would it cost you to lose all your data because you don't have data backups? Protect yourself right now, tragedies are avoided! Use a professional real-time data backup service for all your personal and/or professional data.

Please Note: By choosing a quantity, you are establishing the number of years for subscribing/renewing this service. If you want multiple services associated with different domains, please make separate orders for this service.


By contracting this service, you are contracting 1 Year of files hosting in the Cloud with the following characteristics:

  • Annual Cost (+ taxes): € 29
  • Disk Space: 2 GB
  • Monthly Traffic: 4 GB
  • Activation in 24h (working days)
  • Supported Equipments: PC / Tablet / Smartphone 1
  • Usage Profile: Personal + Professional
  • Technical Support by Phone / E-mail / Chat
  • No Commitment Period
  • Daily Backups
  • High access speed, Availability over 99,9%


1 Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone applications are external to the iFlexi service and their acquisition may involve extra costs.


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