IfThenPay – Multibanco References, MBWay and Payshop

IfThenPay is the partner iFlexi works with and recommends, that allows our clients to issue Multibanco, MBWay and Payshop payment references so that their customers can pay for their services in Multibanco ATM Machines or Homebanking, with the “Pagamento de Serviços” option, or with their Smartphone through the MBWay app or in the Payshop network. Only available in Portugal.

Advantages of accepting payment through the Multibanco Pagamento de Serviços, the MBWay or the Payshop options:

  • You save time and administrative costs in the identification and manual processing of payments
  • You are informed of the payments just a few minutes after they were made by the customer
  • Avoid frauds (like, for instance, customers providing false transfer receipts)
  • Expedites the order sending process because you don’t have to wait for the bank transfers to be sure the payment was made
  • No monthly costs and the money is transferred  to your bank account on a daily basis
  • In the case of online shops, the selling process can be completely automated because the payments are automatically identified
  • Also, you can, in your physical store, issue references for the client to go pay in Multibanco or Homebanking/Smartphone, which means that you can accept Multibanco payments even if you don’t have a cards terminal in your store

This service has a cost of just € 0,22 + 1,7% + taxes for each payment operation (in the case of Multibanco references), or € 0,07 + 0,7% + taxes for each payment operation (in the case of MBWay), or € 0,57 + taxes for each payment operation (in the case of Payshop).

More info at the IfThenPay WebSite.

As IfThenPay partners, iFlexi is authorized to support companies in subscribing this service, which we’ll help you do at no extra cost.

Just download the contract document below, prepare the required documents and send them through the form below, and usually in 2 business days the service will be activated.

Document to Download


1 – Download the .pdf file

2 – Open the .pdf and fill in the required fields in the file itself.

3 – When finished, print the file, and sign it in all pages.

4 – Scan all the pages to a new .pdf file

5 – Prepare/scan all the documents required by the contract.

6 – Fill in the form below and upload all the files.

If you can’t scan the documents and have to send them by post mail, contact us to [email protected] for instructions

Form to Subscribe the IfThenPay service

    If you have more than 1 .pdf file, use the field above to send the first document and use the fields below to send the remaining documents.

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