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Ransomware Attacks: How much would it cost you to lose everything you have on your Computer?

Ransomware Attacks: How much would it cost you to lose everything you have on your Computer?

Throughout 2017, the World watched the biggest ever attack of “virus” ransomware . We leave here the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is a virus Ransomware?

This type of virus attacks your computer, encrypts your files (which prevents them from being able to open them) and then requires a rescue to give you back access to the files. Typically, even by paying the ransom (which can range from hundreds to thousands of euros), criminals never give you back access to files, which means you lose everything you have on your computer forever.

Is there a cure if it is infected?

Briefly, no. The encryption with which the files are “locked” is practically impossible to break. Only the criminals who blocked them have the necessary information to unlock them. And they charge a fortune for this information. And, typically, even if you pay, they do not give you the “solution.”

What happens if my computer is infected?

You lose all your data, forever. And it will not be worth it at that time to turn to a computer technician because, after the infection and the encryption of the files, there is nothing anyone can do to recover your data.

What happens to my business if I lose all my data?

Well, to that question only you can answer. In the May 2017 attack (the biggest ever), and in the thousands of attacks of the past 2 years, hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals around the world have lost everything they had on Computers (documents, emails, photographs , confidential data of your business, etc.). Many of these companies went bankrupt because everything they lost destroyed their business. And many people have lost the digital memories of their entire lives.

So if there is no cure, what should I do?

Preventing is the only solution to this type of attacks. It is almost certain that one of these days your computer will be attacked, given the amount of daily attacks that circulate through the Internet. But you can avoid being infected if you prevent it. And you can avoid losing your data even if it is infected.

Prevent like?

  • Have your equipment properly upgraded and configured (operating system, browsers, all software you have installed).
  • Have a modern firewall and anti-virus with ransomware capability .
  • Have properly configured emails and social networks.
  • Have strong and unique passwords for each website / web service.
  • Do not open or click on everything you receive via email or on the web.
  • Have redundant backup systems, such as using a professional cloud backup service (free services do not protect you from ransomware ).

To be sure you are protected, hire a professional

In the fight against viruses, it is in the details that one makes the difference between a “boring” day and a catastrophe. Focus on your business and hire a professional to protect you properly.

The iFlexi solution

IFlexi, as a Web and Cloud services specialist, knows the dangers of the Internet well and how to avoid them.

To facilitate and expedite the protection of our customers for this imminent threat, we have created a specific service to protect you from ransomware attacks. We analyze your computer, implement preventive measures and set up a file backup system in the Cloud (essential in case of being infected, to be able to reset your data).

The service is called iFlexi Security , is provided remotely via the Internet or in person and in just a few hours, your computer is protected and you avoid losing everything you have.

More information here:

Do not risk it! For every hour that passes, it is closer to being part of the statistics. This is not one of those things that only happens to others. This happens to everyone. Take cover!



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