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The iFlexi team is expert in Information Technologies solutions since 2002, specifically, in the development of Internet websites, Web applications, e-Commerce, e-Learning, etc, with hundreds of clients in all business fields.

We have our own technical structure of Cloud servers, which allows us to provide a complete service to our clients, from the software development to its online deployment and maintenance, therefore ensuring greater reliability, security, high performance and cost reduction.

iFlexi works exclusively online, which means that we don’t have a physical presence, neither in an office nor in our clients’ locations. Our services are provided online and our tech support is provided by e-mail, phone and chat. This way, we can provide a quicker response time to all our clients, at the same time reducing our operational costs, savings that we reflect on lower costs for our clients.

In most services we provide, we promote our clients autonomy, which means that whenever possible we give our clients tools that allows them to use and maintain their services autonomously, so they don’t need to resort to our technicians. On request, we provide support and maintenance services, but those are exceptional situations.

On a final note, the product of all the projects we develop is given to our clients without any restriction (source code, graphics, etc). We want our clients to stick with us for the advantages they find in our service, and not for being hostages of who controls their files.

Projects recognized in 6 Web and Multimedia Awards


20 Years of experience in Web and Cloud services


Hundreds of clients in all business fields

Integrated Marketing Digital services


Availability over 99,9% in Cloud services


Excellent quality, at the best price


Novos Parodiantes
Vitor Figueira

We chose iFlexi for its professionalism, innovation and accuracy. Then, we appreciated its ethics, integrity and honesty. Beside all these factors, there's also a good quality/price relation. CONGRATULATIONS


Arco, Besta e Caça
João Freitas

iFlexi presented us with the simple and easy to implement solutions we needed for our company's websites. It's good to have a partner that understands our needs.

Arco, Besta e Caça

Triângulo Toldos
Fernando Santos

iFlexi created our website, putting in all their effort, and the contact between us was easy, they have employees with great sense of responsibility. We are very pleased with the work, and we'll continue to count on them for many years.

Triângulo Toldos

Pimentão XB
Rui d´Assis

With great professionalism and accuracy, iFlexi created our website, which allows our company to be visited at the exact moment any visitor so wishes. With this website, our company and the products we sell are at the distance of a simple click, therefore, reaching our goals.

Pimentão XB

Bola de Pêlo
Joana Brito

iFlexi created a website for our company that, in addition to versatile, functional and appealing, allowed us to be found with much higher frequency by our potential clients, contributing in a significative way to our growth.

Bola de Pêlo Vet Clinic

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